Tip of Lombardy, Valtellina arises between North Italy and Europe, less than 100 km from Milan and from the Swiss border.

The part that occupies the right bank of the Adda, is part of the Rhaetia Alps located at the center of the chain, this piece of Valtellina is called Cech Coast, it is a cost that spreads from east to west along the path of the sun, mitigated by the closeness of the Como Lake.
Our Ancestors   Examples of Country life   VVineyards view   Caspano Church portico view
Our Ancestors Examples of Country life VVineyards view Caspano Church
portico view
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On the Cech Coast many are the testimonies of a glorious past, rich history, buildings that tell of ancient and powerful families, castles and churches located throughout the coastline, but also rural buildings, marked by the exploitation of the land such as winery, "Casel", sometimes carved in the rock several meters depth so as to maximize the coolness of the land. The simple but generous hospitality of its people, its gastronomy made of ancient flavors and simple wines, makes this area a place where you can spend moments of simplicity, far from the clamor of the city and enjoy the fruits of the land distilled in a glass of wine.