The Terrazze dei Cech Cooperative, in collaboration with Mello e Civo municipalities, is currently committed to the discovery and exploitation of historians who have always connected the rural villages dipped in the coast vineyards.

The so-called "wine trail" will offer visitors a unique experience and to tourists the opportunity to escape the clichés of mass tourism. You can enjoy the traditional flavors of country life.
Immersed in the nature this trail will provide great and unforgettable views.
Do not miss our great hospitality!
Vineyard on Traona   Trail   San Biagio fog   Seen from the Cech coast of Mont Legnone
Vineyard on Traona Trail San Biagio fog Seen from the Cech coast
of Mont Legnone
The calm... after the storm   Cherry on the trail   Older homes with vineyard   Hut in the woods
The calm...
after the storm
Cherry on the trail Older homes
with vineyard
Hut in the woods
Uva di pergola   Landscape with sheep   Landscape    Porcino mushroom
Uva di pergola Landscape with sheep Landscape Porcino mushroom
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