The Terrazze dei Cech Agricultural Cooperative is a small reality, currently consisting of about twenty members. The internal status provides, in addition to the Sentimento production wine, cultivation, marketing and sale of vegetables and agricultural products typical of our land.
A direct sale (locally) from producer to consumer, the so-called short chain, is one of our projects.

We started officially in 2006 and all current members are wine growers, owners of small plots obtained by creating terraces commonly called drywall, on the low Soliva Valtellina coastal. The average planted area property is around 1000-1500 square feet. The main purpose of the Cooperative is without doubt the enhancement and maintenance of the territory in order to slow (or stop .. why not ...) the continuous and relentless abandonment of upland crops. Do not forget our roots peasant...!

Each member has its own cellar. The member are in all effect a producer of wine for them self and they just give the surplus grapes to the cooperative
The small private wineries are therefore still "alive" and thus the art of winemaking can be passed down to future generations.
The grapes to the cooperative, after having passed a test of quality, are turned into wine in our cellar where, thanks to the expert care of the technical and winemaker, will give rise to the labels described in the section "products".
grape quality: Deals with defining Regulation of cultivation / quality grapes delivered from ripeness to phyto-sanitary treatments
accounting: Deals with active / passive billing and all things that includes business accounts including budget
Deals with the organization and management of promotional events such as tastings, exhibitions, land conservation, etc.
Is responsible for managing activities related to warehouse and delivery management including DDT
Deals with identifying the best opportunities of the commercial / marketing strategies and management vendor
winery: Deals with activities related to winemaking and cellar management